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By 4Raven (4 McR Points) on Jul 08, 2012

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Just rode this a week ago, they put chip and seal in the middle of rt 555! Dumped a lot of gravel on it for nearly 5-10 miles of it!! Bad conditions 30 mph or less.

Update from Ohio's Road Ranger (July 30th, 2020): The last time that I was on it they were working on fresh blacktop south 78. As of June 2020 they had not yet completed the blacktop, but as of this reading it should be done. (July 2020) This addresses the biggest problem with 555 which was the lumpy as hell pavement. This is not to say that it is clean and clear all the way down to the Ohio River. It's not. However, it's much better than it used to be, if it has that fresh blacktop on it.

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