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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jun 18, 2013

Creator : Ben
Motorcycle Type : Sport

I would say that most everything West of interstate 81 is absolutely amazing/spectacular. I say this even after I had just ridden the BRP and Deal's Gap so I do have some business making that assertion. The roads are great, well maintained and there are several mountain sections with great twisties. Everthing to the east of interstate 81 (on this particular ride) is 'meh' at best. Some cool farm land but it leaves much to be desired. there is a descent section however that intersects skyline drive that give you a few glimmers of hope, but at that point your so close to the start of "the good stuff" that you'll hardly care you passed through that section. One critic to this trip I would add is Smoke Hole Road, which is about 10 miles north of Seneca Rock. DEFINITELY worth the detour. If you live anywhere near here though it is worth the trip even if your in a compromising sport bike position (like i was) :)

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