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By Walks (6 McR Points) on Jun 08, 2015

Creator : Paul
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Both my sons and I rode around the Lake the weekend of 6/5/15 - 6/7/15. On Saturday we left Harbors Springs and did the Tunnel of Trees, crossed the Mackinaw Bridge, took Route 2 along the lake, then shot up 77 all the way to Grand Marais to the furthest east side of Pictured Rocks.

We rode H58 all the way through to Munising making stops along the way including Miner's Falls and Miner's Castle.

Miner's Falls was infested with mosquitoes so it was a quick snap of a picture and then hiked back the half mile to the parking lot. The road is gravel to Miner's Falls which didn't thrill us too much either. The falls are beautiful but if you don't want to ride on gravel or hike a mile round trip, pass on this part.

The road to Miner's Castle is paved and in good shape. The view is spectacular and worth the ride in.

Overall though, we all agreed H58 turned out to be the highlight of our 1,200 mile ride.

No, there are not the amenities that other routes have and quite frankly there shouldn't be on this ride. We had our fill of lakefront so not seeing much was somewhat refreshing. Just a nice winding 48 mile ride from one end to the other.

While many will disagree, the three of us enjoyed H58 more than the Tunnels of Trees we completed earlier in the day. Can't wait to ride it again.

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