Naples to Key West - By F4iGuy

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By F4iGuy (4 McR Points) on Jun 18, 2013

Creator : MrF4iguy
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As a local of South Florida, i have done this route hundreds of times with a few variations. I just love the tranquil seaside ride, going over the bridges with water all around you and the smells from the ocean and the surroundings. Sometimes i will go all the way down to key west but i do try to avoid it. If you have never been there, go once, take a picture at the "Southern most point" and get out. Otherwise go as far as Islamorada or a couple hours more, down to Marathon key to ride the 7 Mile Bridge, which i always enjoy (when i go that far). If you like to camp, once you pass the 7 mile bridge there is a campground in Big Pine Key which i have stayed in a few weekends. It will be a 1/3 of the price of a hotel in key west, and a lot more fun IMO. Just please,
If you make it down that far, visit a place called "NO NAME PUB" for a really good burger and a very unique experience. You'll see!!!
I almost never turn down a ride to the keys, so any one going down and wants some company, shoot me a message

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