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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Oct 06, 2009

Creator : Dave E
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Actually the road begins in Safford and has nice sweeping curves into Clifton and then actually terminates in Springerville, AZ.. So in reality it is 165 miles and over 450 curves and switchbacks. It offers the experienced technical rider everything needed in a good ride, Haripins, Long Sweepers and directionals. Gas up in Clifton or your next chance is in Alpine. Stop for trhe World famous Pie at the Bear Wallow Cafe in Alpine. Most Importantly BE CAREFEULL, this road will bite back and is not for the faint of heart. So please respect it!. those of us Natives will always call it the "Devil's Highway since the US Route designator changed from 666 to 191 some years ago. it makes Deals Gap ( Tail of the Dragon) and the Pigs Trail in Arkansas, although fun not even in the same ballpark. Some c'mon out to AZ and Dance on the Devil's Highway with us!

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