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By Yellowneck (4 McR Points) on Oct 19, 2014

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A friend wanted to go for a ride so I did a search online and came across this webpage. It was a good find. I found this route and another almost connecting to it so we decided to try it out. 2/3 of it is a nicely paved road and has good turns with elevation changes. If your not a seasoned rider, I suggest taking it slow if its your first time on this road, it incorporates turns with elevation changes. As long as there isn't a car in front of you, it is possible to maintain a decent pace and really lean into the turns. I did come across a patch of gravel in the middle of the road by FEMA so be careful. You'll know that you are by FEMA when you come across a tall fence that just appears out of nowhere.

The section between 211 and 66 is nicely paved and comfortable. There are no real stops but the scenery is serene. The section between 66 and 17 offers better views but the road is not paved and is rather bumpy. There is also a lot of traffic on this section of the road so in kind of inhibits a good pace and the bumpiness of the road along with pot holes keeps you a bit hesitant when trying to lean into the turns.

Not a bad ride though.

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