Woolwine Hwy to Tuggles Gap - By Brian Fistler

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By Brian Fistler (93 McR Points) on Jun 25, 2016

Creator : Bkfist
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

As of 2016 the road surface in most of the right-hand turns going north (up the mountain) are becoming increasingly degraded with potholes developing in many of the blind turns. Nothing deep enough to cause a direct accident, but certainly bad enough to lose traction of you are attacking the corners at 8/10 or above. It's a shame, and hopefully the road will be repaved soon (Hwy 58 just to the west was repaved this year - 2016)
This road is still worth a "5", but barely. (Sport mode riders will probably consider it more of a 4 these days) Just don't go hitting the curves in the steep/twisty portion of the road with the expectation to be leaning 45 degrees in the turns any more, as was great fun to do in previous years.

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