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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Apr 30, 2013

Creator : Matt S
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Just returned from a beautiful Spring afternoon ride along SR116/SR330 from Petros in Morgan County to Oliver Springs, which sits at the corner of Morgan, Roane and Anderson counties.

The description of this route here on the site is pretty accurate. Running the route clockwise from Petros, you gain nearly a thousand feet of elevation while navigating some of the most technical road in the area. The town of Petros sits around 1,350ft and the crest of the mountain is just shy of 2,200ft. SR116 "straightens" out once your descended the other side of Brushy Mountain and begin riding along New River.

Road quality is great. Though, there are some areas where some patchwork has been done, so be careful as some of those areas are located in turns. Also watch out for gravel in the corners and mining and logging trucks and even though this road is not a "high traffic" one, those who do drive it often like to cut corners and cross over into the other lane around turns. Just be careful and vigilant and you should be OK.

Once SR116 meets up with SR330, you can either follow SR116 northeast to Lake City via Briceville, or head southwest on SR330 to Oliver Springs. The route shown on this site has you traveling toward Oliver Springs. SR330 is a nice two-lane stretch of highway with several straights and quite a few long, sweeping curves as it runs parallel to the northern side of Walden Ridge.

Once you come into Oliver Springs on SR330, turn left to go to Oak Ridge or right to head back toward SR61/SR62.

Overall, SR116 is a highly technical road and is not for the novice rider. As far as technical curves, this road puts the Tail of The Dragon to shame.

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