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By Mustanger (2 McR Points) on Jun 26, 2018

Creator : Mustanger
Motorcycle Type : Touring

This is a great ride; at an time of the year. I've done this ride with friends, but I have also done this ride many times by myself just to do some therapeutic thinking. The roads are wavy and smooth with minimal traffic, distractions, stop lights/signs, etc. This route is popular with other motorcycle enthusiast because you cannot keep the solitude of this ride a secret from the two or three-wheeled riding community. If you're like me, you enjoy riding your motorcycle at speeds of 55 to 65 and not speeds consistent with highway riding where you're mostly hanging on for dear life....The Five and Dime offers the kind of riding that hooks a rider to its serene cruising sense of satisfaction it provides. I love this ride and know you will too if you give it a try.

With friends you can swing into Williamsburg for breakfast or lunch before the return trip and make it even that much better. Safe travels!

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