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By Walks (6 McR Points) on Aug 27, 2017

Creator : Walks
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

Rode with my son with the intent of starting up by Scales Mound but storms had other ideas for us. We've been out this way a number of times but whiffed on going down Derinda Road.

This was an awesome ride from Route 20 down to Savanna. Starting down from Route 20 there are perfect views of the rolling farm lands and then you get into a ton of twists and turns. I probably irritated my son going a bit slow on the turns (I'm on a cruiser and he is on a street bike) but most of the tight turns are blind. You can't see what's around the corner and there was a fair amount of sand/gravel.

We'll be taking this route to or back from Savanna for now on. Far better than running 84 down from 20.

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