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By VulcanDan (129 McR Points) on Apr 26, 2012

Creator : ViragoDan
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

Any time I go to Starved Rock, I always take 34 (Ogden) to 71 straight to the park, whether in the car or on the bike. I am one for local highways over the interstates. It's a relaxing ride. Great road to clear your head. Plenty of scenery in the form of farms. Not very twisty and slightly hilly the farther South you go. You'll get plenty of motorcycle waves when traveling this road as a lot of motorcyclists use it. Some days there will be more traffic than others, but never congested. Plenty of places to stop for gas with stations not being more than a dozen miles apart. Stop at the downed airplane monument. It's always worth a photo. As soon as I submit this, I'm going to jump on the bike and ride it again.

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