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I am a creative data technologist, business analyst, thought leader, and transformationist. I apply my experience and positive intent, to develop and recognize our incredibly skilled and ridiculously helpful technical sales support personnel. This typically leaks into all things of personal interest in my life, and tend to be the same outside of work as well. As far as my motorcycling life goes, the last 3 bikes I've owned was used to ridfe around locally and to go cross country with. My go-to motorcycle is a 2017 Roadmaster Icon Series in Blue Sapphire / Brilliant Blue, with heated grips, a heated seat, vent-adjustable lowers, and an adjustable windscreen. Originally, this was good to extend my riding season a few months as I resided in the northeast... but I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC in January 2020 to extend my riding season to all year round!

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